Post Summaries

Writers Doubt This

Writer’s doubt is so uncomfortable one can’t fathom it might well be the next and normal step to evolving themselves and/or their project.

Affirmation Quilt Ministry – Meditation for Elly Brosius

[Guest Post by Eileen Melia] The spirit and name chosen for this quilt is “In the Garden of Life.” It attests to how Elly Brosius has touched folks with her research, knowledge, and, advocacy. This rather simple design and these fabrics elaborate a journey that has been woven with wisdom and kindness.

Affirmation Quilt Ministry – In The Garden Of Life

The quilt built for me is “In the Garden of Life.” Still on my mind and with a hold on my heart, the sowed sewn seeds grew and bloomed into this blog series, the thank you note and love you letter I haven’t been able to write until now.

Affirmation Quilt Ministry – Serendipitous Graces

Eileen Melia is unique quilter who pieces together material, meditations, and motherly outreach. She selected fitting fabrics, sewed through symptoms, and wrote appreciative writing for Toni Marshall, ME/CFS support group facilitator, via her Affirmation Quilt Ministry.

Affirmation Quilt Ministry – Mother Energy

This story is about quilt maker and meditation writer, Eileen Melia, and two leaders of an ME/CFS support group to whom she gave quilts and writings. It celebrates their mutual Mother Energy.

Affirmation Quilt Ministry – Loving Hands

One of the first quilts Eileen Melia shared with me is her Healing Energy of Love. It has a pink marbled fabric large valentine heart at its center, hands of all sizes supporting the heart at the center. Through Writing Grace, Loving Hands was inspiration for an affirmation quilt for a sister in our support group.

Affirmation Quilt Ministry – Blessed Offerings

Eileen Melia sews and sends world map peace quilts as visual prayers affirming the works of peace activists. Despite chaos in her own health situation, she pieces quilts that become blessed offerings.

Affirmation Quilt Ministry – Empowering Hearts

Life has interlaced ribbons of my journey with ribbons of Eileen Melia’s. She made me, prayed me, a quilt with a theme of spiraling ribbons a few years ago. Now the ribbons of my spiraling DNA are winding me up to share about this gift and the gifts of the giver.

First Story – A Mother’s Obituary

My first story is about my mother. Many first stories, if we could know them, remember them, would have to be about our mothers.