Welcome to IntersectingStories.com, a repository of writings that need a home on the web. What is this about, what are the writings for?

For connecting the dots, seeing synchronicity.
For moments of oh, aha!, what?, and Eureka!
For surviving, coping, healing, and finding joy.
For some stories are just eggin’ to be told!

My name is Elly Brosius. I find myself in a web of interesting experiences with interesting people, some of whom, like me, are called to write. Sometimes we find a new point to it all, especially when gratitude applied. Sometimes we just have to write something up so we can make space for life’s next plot development.

The intersecting lives and storylines here are written up to process and progress, written down to remember, dotted with what eyes and hearts see, and crossed with heartfelt appreciation, meaning, metaphor, and more. Welcome to our lines and lines on writing, being grateful, and insightful living. Browse, be our witness. Let’s meet at a telling point.

Send complimentary comments, submissions, notes to contact@intersectingstories.com or visit our Contact page. Thanks!